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CLTV, or Customer Lifetime Value, is is not just about one purchase, but the entire journey a customer takes with your business. Our Free CLTV calculator helps you peek into the future, showing you the long-term value of each customer relationship that you develop.

Future Proofing
Predict how much revenue each customer will bring in over their lifetime, helping you plan for sustainable growth.
Targeted Marketing.
Identify high-value customer segments to tailor your marketing efforts and maximize returns on investment.
Customer Retention.
Understand the potential ROI of retaining customers versus acquiring new ones, guiding your retention strategies for long-term success.
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Quick & Easy

Upload your CSV.

Simply upload a CSV file with the following 3 columns to calculate customer lifetime value using your own data!

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Calculate CLTV

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use this for?

You can use this to upload a CSV and calculate the monthly or annual Customer Lifetime Value of your online business.

How does it work?

Using your data, we calculate the CLTV using the traditional definition explained here.

Do you store my data?

No, it is used momentarily for processing and calculating your CLTV then immediately deleted.

What is CLTV, and why is it important?

CLTV stands for Customer Lifetime Value, which is a crucial metric for businesses to understand the long-term value each customer brings to their company. It helps in strategic decision-making related to marketing, sales, and customer retention efforts.

What data do I need to use this?

You need a CSV file with 3 columns: customer, date, revenue. Each line in your CSV should represent a unique order through your website. The further back you go, the better.

Is there a cost to use this CLTV calculator?

No, it is completely free.